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Ms. Natasha Bryan

Hello! My name is Ms. Bryan and I am very excited to be teaching at Chisholm this year. As an educator, I am dedicated to student success and I will provide every opportunity to see each student thrive and accomplish their goals. I am looking forward to working with Chisholm students and staff through academics and extracurricular activities.
This semester I will be teaching grade 9 English (ENG1D) as well as grade 12 English (ENG4C). Should students need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to come and see me. I am available during the lunch hour, as well as after school for additional support. I am excited to be a part of this school, and I know by working together, we will make it a great school year!


Ms. Sally Isaac

It has been 13 years since I joined the Chisholm team as a teacher.  This semester, I am teaching Grade 10 Foundations of Mathematics.  I love to learn and hope students will find my enthusiasm contagious!


Mrs. Ruth Laiken

Hello Chisholm students! I'm Mrs. Laiken. I usually teach English or Music, and have also taught Drama in the past. I also work with Mr. Munday directing the incredible Music Club, which meets every Wednesday at lunch, as well as the Newspaper Club. Any student in the school can drop off photos or written submissions for the Chisholm Times to either Room B20 or 201.

So looking forward to spending time with you!


Mrs. Jenneth Majeed


Mr. John Mooney

Hi All,

I'd like to welcome all of my students in Grades 9, 10, and 11 to second semester of the 2014-2015 School Year! It promises to be an exciting year.

Along with teaching Phys-Ed this semester, I will be supervising several athletic clubs. I will post details regarding these clubs at school and will email you when clubs start.

I look forward to a great semester! Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.


Mr. Guy Pokharel


Mrs. Naomi Talbot

Welcome to Chisholm ... and welcome back!

I am in my twentieth year of teaching and my professional development continues strongly.  I returned home to my native Ontario after quite the adventure of spending  my teens and most of my twenties in England. My majors at the University of Warwick in England were Geography and Dramatic Arts. My teaching experience prior to returning to Canada was in the public school system in England, and my primary endeavours during these years focussed on geography and special education.

I continue into my fifteenth year at Chisholm teaching Canadian and World Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities, and my next favourite subject cluster - Guidance and Career Education.  I anticipate another great year with students, parents and colleagues, working together to ensure the best possible outcome for our gems!

We, as a staff at Chisholm, strive to provide experiences that develop the whole child, and supervise a plethora of extra-curriculars. One of my strengths has been Student Council since 2007. Prior to this I was our United Way representative. Doing something for others is my mantra. Encouraging our students to embrace the power to 'pay it forward' and develop their leadership skills, enables them to broaden their pathway and develop their legacy as Canadian citizens.


Mr. Derek Towler

I am excited to continue my fourth year teaching here at Chisholm Academy.  I teach math and business, and organize the stock market challenge every semester. I also run a few of the extra curricular activities throughout the year. In the fall, the hiking club takes advantage of some of Oakville's hiking trails at Sixteen Mile Creek. In the spring, I will be running the squash club and organize a second rock climbing excursion to a local climbing gym. No experience is necessary, and all students are welcome to join any of our clubs here at Chisholm.  I look forward to working with new and returning students this semester.


Ms. Alison Andrew

Welcome to Chisholm Academy! My name is Ms. Andrew and I have the pleasure of teaching grade seven English, grade nine English and grade eleven media studies this semester. I’m looking forward to having a productive and fun year of learning ahead. If you require additional support with your course work, please let me know and we can make arrangements to meet in study hall. Outside of the classroom I am involved with the Chisholm Me to We club, the Chisholm Relay for Life team and lunch time intramural sports. Come on out and get involved in your school community.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” ~Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken


Mrs. Lise Bysice


The subjects I am teaching in the current academic year are Canadian History,  History of the West and the World, Canadian Law, International Law and Drama.


Ms. Kayla Ferrin

Hello Students and Parents,

This semester I am teaching Grade 9 Physical Education, Grade 10 Dramatic Arts and Grade 11 Dramatic Arts. We are already off to a great start to the semester!!

I have attached course outines for all three classes on the homework website.  These course outlines will give a better idea as to what will be covered in class for the duration of the semester.  These courses do not require much formal homework or written assessments.  The students are rather assessed on a daily basis.  Participation, the ability to work positively in a group and individual setting, contributing to class discussions and the comprehension of course material will be the basis of assessing student progress.

Any upcoming assignments, performance dates, reminders, important handouts etc. will be posted on the homework website when applicable.

I am looking forward to another great year at Chisholm and discovering some great athletic and artisitc talent within our school this semester!

Any questions or concerns please do not hesitiate to contact me.

Thank you in advance for your continued support,

Ms. K. Ferrin


Mr. David Jowett


Mr. Emilio Mendez

As everyone may know, I am in charge of the Information Technology Department at Chisholm. I had had a long professional career as a math and science teacher.

I love technology, and continously research its new uses and applications in education.

I am very excited to be teaching Physics this semester, and sharing my passion for learning with my students.


Mr. Anthony Salema


Ms. Nasrin Gilbert


Mrs. Diane Turriff

Welcome back.  I look forward to meeting you in either : MBF3C, Foundations for College Mathematics or SNC1P, Grade 9 Applied Science.

Please note that daily homework and course materials for this course can be accessed by logging into Students have chosen their own passwords and should share these with parents. Please contact me via E-MAIL if there are any problems accessing course materials.


Mrs. Jyotsana Bhasin


Ms. Bonnie Ganan


Mr. Luke Katsouras

Hello students and parents, my name is Mr. Katsouras and this semester I will be teaching grade nine science and  drama.   I am also one of the leaders of the drama club.  We deliver productions in the spring and in December, and all are more than welcome to join in, both on stage and as part of our technical crew.


Ms. Leslee Machulla

This semester I am teaching grade 7 & 8 English as well as grade 8 Science  and History.

I am a member of the Drama Club and thoroughly enjoy working with the students and staff to produce a wonderful production.

This year I will also be involved with the photography club and the introduction of a dance club.

I am available after school to help students with homework, assignments or in preparing for upcoming tests.

I look forward to working with all of Chisholm's students.


Mrs. Sonja Mihajlovska


Mrs. Vanessa Paris

I started my teaching career in Bombay, India and taught there for 20 years. I taught Math , Science and French and was actively  involved in the singing and drama programs, both at the school and interschool level.

I began my eleventh year in Chisholm in September 2015.

While in Chisholm, I completed my senior science course through Queen's University. I then did my Special Education Part I through Queen's University and Parts II and III with the University of Toronto. I am now a Special Education Specialist.

This term I will be teaching grade 9 Appliec Math, grade 11 college Biology  and Grade 12 University Biology.  Next semester I will have the grade 10 for Academic Math,  grade 12  for College Mathematics and grade 12 University Chemistry.

I am always available to help any student in study hall, both at lunch and after school. Looking forward to seeing more of you use the study hall facility.

I will be carrying out the recycling in Chisholm along with Ms Lutz. Any enthusiastic volunteers who are concerned with environmental issues are welcome to join.


Mrs. Deborah Symons

Art is my passion.  I love how Chisholm students respond to the opportunity to be creative in ways they had not previously explored.  One of my most rewarding experiences is to see the faces of students, parents and staff when a new work of art goes on display in the hallways.  When I am not teaching Visual Art at Chisholm, I am teaching English and exploring with students how the language of literature reflects and captures the human imagination.

I enjoy supervising the Art Club which is open every day during lunch hour and is available to all students who would like to be creative, meet new friends, enjoy their lunch in an alternative venue or add a visual component to their homework assignments for any Chisholm course.  Do drop in any time.

I am also happy to be a member of The Literacy Committee, Student Council, The Free the Children-We Day Team, and The Graduation Committee.  You are always welcome to visit me in room 132.


Mr. John Tollefsrud

Hello students, parents and visitors!

Once again this year, I am honoured to teach English and Social Studies to such fine young students at our school. We are a blessed community of learners, and this spirit is present from the ground up and in every classroom.

I am teaching The Kite Runner to some of my grade 12 students this year, and this fine work by Khaled Hosseini exemplifies brilliant world literature that complements our traditional Canadian, English and American classic works. Among my other favourite writers are Agatha Christie, Lawrence Hill, Simon Winchester and the Swedish wordsmith Henning Mankell, who sadly died this past fall.

One of my earliest memories is visiting the tiny library of my childhood hometown, Lorraine, Quebec. I was mesmerized and transfixed by books, and it was here, thanks to my mother, that I cultivated a love of reading. This year, we have had the privilege of receiving guest speaker Justine Gerroir, teen librarian at the Oakville Public Library, and she shared research tips for the OPL's online database. Whether ideas are on paper or in digital form, it is the knowledge and insight that are important. I hope to continue to instill a love of learning in my students. After all, they continue to teach me so much. For this, I am ever grateful.

I look forward to interacting with the entire Chisholm community in different and engaging ways throughout the school year.

Let us have a memorable year!